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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 7, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. nato investigators are trying to determine if the taliban is in fact responsible for killing 30 elite american troops in afghanistan yesterday. many of those were killed and they were part of the elite navy seal team six but none of them were on the mission that killed osama bin laden. their helicopter was shot down in eastern afghanistan. michael has the latest on how it happened. [ gun shots ] >> it is a crushing loss. the most elite forces in the u.s. military, 11 seals killed in the fiery crash of their helicopter along with army personnel. 30 inexperience all, eight afghans and a dog trained specifically for special operations. it happened near a taliban stronghold in wardak province. u.s. forces were engaged in a
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firefight on the ground. chinook was on its way to help when it was shot down, probably by a rocket-propelled grenade. most of the 22 seals were part of seal team six, that heroic unit that carried out the highly successful raid on osama bin laden's compound in may but none of those that took part in the raid are believed to be on this helicopter. >> u.s. special operations teams carried out to a dozen missions a day in afghanistan, three to four thousand last year along. since 9/11 there have been 32 seals killed, but 22 in one day is devastating. there are just 300 men in seal team 6 so when n this one incident more than 7% of the highly trained, highly valuable seal team six have perished. >>. >> reporter: so this is not only
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an emotional loss but a strategic loss for the united states, as well. >> reaction to the downgrading the credit rates by standard & poor's is beginning to show up in world financial markets. middle east markets tumbled and global economic leaders are conferring by telephone. >> reporter: this decision could rock financial markets. the u.s. no longer, one of the safety places to put your money. on defense, standard around poors took to the airwaves claiming the government is broken and can't deal with its debt. we're having trouble with the story and we hope goat back to it later in the newscast. >> jerry brown is critical of
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deficit and jump starting the economy. the governor says the obama administration is going to have to make the same difficult choices he just made with california's budgeted. he wants to take a more balanced approach with increased revenues but republicans shut him down even on extending existing taxes. he will take the choice directly to the people come november. >> it's two trillion to find another $10 billion in additional taxes does not mean at some point i would likes that he would be willing to say some more money. if necessary, there will be on the ballot next november opportunity for people to say, yeah, i'm willing to pay a little more money. >> brown says he was not willing to borrow more money because
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california spending such as education. >> there is a possibility this downgrade could boost on interest rates on student loans, credit cards and mortgage rates. sergio took a look. >> they have been browsing for homes for the last few months and news of the credit downgrade has added is your genesee to the search. >> people are already not qualifying to buy houses and to have this happen is just making it worse. >> reporter: biggest concern that interest on a future home will surge. >> it's definitely a situation where if we wait too much longer and not knowing what is going to happen with interest rates it could significantly affect our monthly mortgage payment. >> bob evans is real estate expect in san francisco. his main concern are buyers looking for mid to low priced properties. >> it could affect things seriously particularly for purchasers in the $800,000 under
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bracket where they require to get more favorable financing through the fha. >> when news hit friday that the government's credit rating was downgraded, they got plenty of calls from people in the market to buy. >> i would strongly not to sit around because if you are locked into an interest rate, you are locked in. that means they can't raise you even if they raise it for everyone else. >> it's another worry that potential buyer has to consider but they say they are trying to keep things in perspective. >> it keeps me up at night but it doesn't go back to the 1980s, think we are all right. >> they are not sure how long this will affect interest rates if it does and reason why, this is something that has never happened before. the government has never had a downgrade in their credit rating. so the experts are making a bet, yes.
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a back fan is in critical condition after being plowed into by a suspected hit-and-run driver in san francisco. he came from philadelphia to watch the giants' series. police credit witnesses to help them capture the driver that struck the boy at mission and montgomery streets late thursday night. the suspect is being held in the san francisco jail. >> one teenager hospitalized and another is being questioned by police after a shooting in san francisco. it happened shortly after 10:00 on aaron street in the south of market area. 16-year-old san francisco teenager suffered what appeared to be a wounded leg. police detained a 20-year-old man at the scene for questioning. a missing san francisco man searched the area around the ocean beach. his roommate last saw him sunday night and ex-fiancee last heard
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from him on monday. they found his ipad and clothing near a cliff. his friends call him mo and he liked to spend time around that beach. >> somebody has to know something. we're going to talk to people along the ocean. talk to some of the storefront security cameras. we know he is out there but we need to find him. >> he may have been did he responsible dent and they want to hear from you. coming up next, conflicting reports on whether the imprisoned hikers in iran will be released. say goodbye of wisteria lane. desperate housewives coming to
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reaction to the downgrading of the united states credit rating by standard & poor's is beginning to show up in world financial markets. middle east markets tumbled today and global economic leaders are conferring by telephone before asian markets open. >> reporter: this decision could rock financial markets. the u.s. no longer one of the safety places to put your money. >> it's around the country. >> on defense, standard & poor's took to the airwaves claiming the government is broken and can't deal with its debt. >> it's not our role to
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galvanize political leaders, but we're hoping the debate can move forward. >> who is standard & poor's? one of these major rating agencies that highlight investment risk. s&p considered the gold standard among peers but it was tarnished when all the ratings go agencies said the mortgage backed securities were solid aaa investments. and some now question the agency's credibility. >> now they come in and guess what? as if they have been a bastion of correctness when they have been completely wrong. everything they do is suspect in my view. >> some worry that s&p is judging the political system instead of the financial system. while the white house pushed back, it now admits that the debt battle took too long and it was too divisive. but all this adds to the growing sense that america's is losing
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its place as the world leader. >> it's hard to say u.s. is number one still. >> its terrible moment for america. >> i think that narcism has plagued the united states. >> barring some catastrophe on monday, the financial markets are telling us in times of crisis or times of concern, people still wanted to hold u.s. treasurys. the president remains at camp david. don't be surprised if he does come to cameras and try to calm markets before they open later today. there are conflicting reports this morning about the imminent release of the u.c. hikers held iran. they say iran's judiciary is still investigating the case. yesterday the foreign minister gave support to the hikers who have been held for more than two
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years. he says he hopes that a final court verdict will lead to their release and that verdict should be out soon. he is the highest ranking iranian official to speak out. >> ed lee is suspected to announce tomorrow that he will run for four-year term. he will do it without using any public money to finance his campaign. lee says it's not something he feels comfortable doing right now. cain spending reports show the other nine candidates have collected more than $3 million in city funding. >> look out for detours on parts of highway 101 in san mateo county. 101 will be shutting down between belmont and san mateo so they can painted the ralston avenue overpass. it will be closed monday through thursday, 12:30 through 4:00 a.m. following week, southbound 101 will be closed in the same
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places. it looks like they will be turning the lights out for the last time on wisteria lane. after eight seasons more o more plots you can counted, this season of desperate housewives will be its last. >> before the real housewives... there was susan, i will net and gabrielle. the women of wisteria lane the original housewives who may not have been real but sure looked desperate. the sabotage and the skin. >> it was a little daring. we hadn't seen women portrayed like that in prime time. >> a fan favorite from the very beginning, it's become an international sensation with
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over 100 million viewers worldwide. but the eighth season set to premiere this fall will be the last. who led us behind the doors of their seemingly perfect lies and shed a bright light on the dark side of the american housewife. >>we thought television moms and wives who were frustrated, who were bored, who realized that maybe this isn't everything i want. >> beyond the exaggerated tv drama, women dealing with issues that touch close to home for viewers like domestic gender rolls. >> i am going to be a stay at home dad. >> kidney transplants. >> and even plastic surgery. >> did you have a deviated septum? don't tell anyone. >> today desperate housewives
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seem tame to the real ones that the show inspired. it comes to an end this spring, they will be remembered for being just as naughty as they were nice. >>. >> don't panic. you still have a year to go. what is going on with you weather-wise? >> we still have measurable drizzle along the airport and coast. not only gray but you need the wipers as the bay. and you are looking at sun in the valleys. i'll have the details on when you'll see a change next. >> also next, the panda, the
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we have been looking at this camera all morning it is getting lighter? >> you think so? >> we had the fog on the deck. >> you couldn't see the towers. >> we are looking at slow improvements and that is going to be the trend for the week ahead. warmer temperatures but not that much warmer. here is a view from mount tam, low clouds and fog once again all across the bay and sitting still in much of marin and sonoma at 2,000 feet and beginning to lessen. here is the roof camera and still gray skies in san francisco. think of all the cloudiness, the numbers have been cool in the 50s, usually we see the 60s through the overnight hours. fog has made it through the delta but we are seeing things brighten up in livermore and concord. the high has not been that different than what we are used to. we have low clouds and fog banked up the shoreline. by about mid-week we're looking
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at series of low pressure centers that have brought cool conditions. here is a look at the fog. you'll notice right there, beginning to peel back, it hits everywhere from the north coast all the way down to southern california. with that we'll keep a sea breeze and cool along the coast. i don't think we're going to see much sun at our beaches. the fog just kind of stopped right there. western half of the city is staying cloudy and sunshine downtown. it will be cool and here is why. we're still looking at one system after another. this high wants to build in but i can't. we keep seeing knock it down and knock it back into center part of the nation. once again, the morning clouds giving way slowly to afternoon clearing. you will have to be waiting in you are living in and around the bay because the sunshine in the east bay, that is going stay for
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the next hour or two. the warmth is very limited from sacramento valley, 90 there and sundown towards the coast of santa barbara and los angeles, looking at low 90s. back home, still more mid and upper 70s. 78 in san jose. to 74 in milpitas. on the peninsula, don't look for any sun here. pacifica, 59. redwood city, 74. san francisco maybe a few in the late in the day, 63 for your high. 73 in petaluma. nice and mild here. definitely not too hard to take but in the east bay, a little breezy and fog begins to pull back and it's quickly going to move back on shore. 74 in union city. out over the hills, best weather is here if you like it on the warmer side. really not too pleasant in pleasanton, 80 and down by the
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monterey bay, gilroy, 83 degrees. no much in the way of change. we will have measurable misted and drizzle out there. by the middle of the week, we begin to feel a little bit of change out there. 60s and upper 60s, low 90s inland. it's been the same old, same old hasn't. >> it you want it to feel like august? >> yes. >> tim lincecum will take the mound as the giants try to salvage the last game of four-game series. yesterday they were stymied by cole. >> they finish the series up about the phillies, they managed three runs in three games against the phillies pitching staff. matt cain and cole hamil, a lot of eggs expected but first
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inning single by hunter pence and sandoval fumbles the ball but other than that cain was pretty good. hamil throws almost a shutout if not for sandoval's home run in the ninth. down in florida, lou pinella looking for a fix in the a's game. scoring scott sizemore. a's keep rolling and rolling on the wheels of coco crisp who stole four bases yesterday. he has 37 on the season pitching topnotch, brandon mccarthy threw eight shutout innings. a's win it 8-0. >> college football, it's almost here. fall camp opened for the cal
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bears. jesteford was up and on campus, players according to them, came in better shape. teford was singing the praises of zach maynard that figures on taking snaps on the opening with fresno state. >> did a nice job. i'm happy with the command of the offense. >> and every day is a lesson from him and learn something every day. >> and michael bush is in radar camp. yesterday he signed on the line that is dotted. he has accepted a one-year deal $2.6 million. he leaves them with few options. several new comers in the
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hall of fame, dione sanders was enshrined. he was a dee key member that crushed the chargers. his acceptance speech, he paid tribute to the teammates he worked closest in the secondary. >> the secondary, it's simple to me, in san francisco, hanks and tim hanks and this game taught me how to be a man. this game to be knocked down and i need to get my butt back up again. >> finished with the speech, richard is a member of the 49ers '94 superbowl team was also enshrined yesterday. >> there was hope that tiger woods would be back to his old self. he started the bridgestone invitational. he a good first round and needed a good third round yesterday but he shot two over par, 13 strokes
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behind the lead. new names on the leader boy, ricky is in the hunt with three shots in back of the lead, this is on 11. it rolls back in the cup for an eagle. and adam scott whose caddie is steve williams that tiger fired last month. and scott has a one-shot lead as he heads into the final round. next at 9:30, california is supposed to be reducing prison overcrowding but is the state moving fast enough. gang concerns needs lo a new police program that is actually working.
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pg&e officials were warned months ahead of time that san bruno pipeline exploded last september was good candidate for disaster. management group also predicted that the emergency response plan was an unacceptable risk. risk management group all
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predicted the calamity in san bruno and an accident would raise questions about what top executives should have known about as a rule are in bills in the natural gas system. the report urged pg&e to install more shut-off valves. the report warned the disaster would lead to international tarnishing of pg&e's image. >> the state of california is facing a deadline to reducing the prison population on orders from the supreme court. now it seems that governor brown to shift inmates to local jails cannot happen in time. jerry brown signed the budget in june included a plan to shift tens of thousands of inmates to local jails starting october 1st. it aims at fulfill orders by a three-judge panel and u.s. supreme court to reduce the prison population by 34,000 over
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two years. now a new report by non-partisan legislative analysts finds the move will fall short. >> we are recommending the state ask the two-judge panel for more time to reduce the prison population but wnaus longer term it could get there. >> tone for inmates says asking for more time is absurd and will fight any move to do so. he has been trying for decades to ease overcrowding so they can provide medical care to prisoners that meet constitutional standards. don specter says 60,000 inmates are within release date. >> these prisoners we're going to get out anyway. it's been proven scientifically that the advancement of their release date a few weeks or months wouldn't have any adverse effect on public safety. >> the administration's court filing last month says
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realignment will get them to 32,000, not 34,000 the courts have asked but the california corrections department is recalculating the numbers and believes early release won't be necessary. >> i'm confident we will avoid any federal court ordered prison release. we are doing it safely. >> but the court ordered early release will happen anyway under realignment. they don't believe there room for the prisoners in local jails and they will have to let some of those inmates go. gang-related violence in the south bay and east bay is a problem law enforcement struggles to control. in the north bay, a growing problem, as well. a new police unit in novato is focusing on gang members. heather ishimaru has the story. >> novato police want to see fewer of these, crimes involving gang members. with the help of county law
9:33 am
enforcement and san rafael police they made a special gang enforcement unit that went into service on july 20th. >> in the first two weeks, the gang unit resulted in six felony arrests and 17 misdemeanor arrests. they include members of the white supremacists and other gangs all who live in no ja to or have some connection there. arrests range from possession of drugs to threatening an officer and gang unit continues the crackdown. >> it's an ongoing problem. we have gang members that live here in novato, they traf travel here to commit crimes. i don't know if we're going to put an end to it but we're definitely going to deter them. >> outside the youth center, they arrested a juvenile in gang attire after a fight. the birthday party was being held in a rented gym space. >> the executive director says
9:34 am
the 35-year-old youth center has never had an incident like that but more and more young people need support to stay away from problems like gang involvement. >> i doesn't feel like statistics prove it no nnovato but youth are having problems and coping skills and making decisions. >> the center is doing its part by doing programs to support good decisions, hopefully giving the police department less to do. heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news." >> america's cup is getting underway with the world series in portugal. opening races were held in the lisbon. new zealand let led the pack one point over sweden. this is a precursor to america's cup which is going to take place right here in san francisco.
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i would be stunned if they come out in the race in san francisco bay they get a really good wind. >> we have had that around the bay. fog retreats and fog comes up. here we go, san jose, look at all the clouds out. there look at sun later on today. when will the changes take place? i'll let you know, next. >> also ahead, a group of baseball players going for a national title without ever seeing the ball. after 40, my skin looked tired. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate restoring lotion with coq10 to help skin renew itself. gold bond ultimate restoring. this stuff really works.
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take a look at this live picture from santa cruz. it's going to be a beautiful day at the beach. lisa tells me the low 70s there
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and slun be out this afternoon. she'll tell us more about other places in the bay area and temperatures there in a few minutes. >> senate's working on a totally new transportation in mountain view. they are building gliding transportation. jonathan bloom has the story. >> the jetsons come to real life. >> in a nondescript building a bullet shaped vehicle creeps down a test track. >> you are whisked away at a high speed with silence, because its passive magnetic levy station vehicle. there is no wheels. >> gliding at 150 miles an hour, it's the first category of personal rapid transit. they go into a station and riders hop in and swipe a card and select a stop.
9:39 am
it combines the flexibility of a car with the experience of riding a train. >> people don't like driving now because you are stuck in a car. you can't text without risking a ticket. with sky train you will be able to work on your computer or laptop. >> he showed us how it works. >> the motor is here. once the vehicle accelerates it will then lift up and float about centimeter off the track. >> the designers say the technology behind the system is innovative. what is revolutionary will cost the city or how much it won't cost them. >> anyone can build a train system that cost $500 million, very few people can build a system that cost $5 million. >> he says it will pay for itself, charging fares of 30 cents a mile. >> it can be built cheaply. beauty is it's built in a
9:40 am
factory like lego. >> one proposed site is this field in fresno where it would create hundreds of jobs. city of mountain view hopes it will help them score the first sky tram system. >> it will allow the system to grow until it becomes saturated. forecast time, he is lisa and sun is coming out in santa cruz. >> already in the east bay, it's sunny. we are not looking at any big changes, no dramatic shakeups. summer warming mid-week. we're not there in the short term. mount tam looking at deck of low clouds which cities sill at around 2,000 feet. waiting for the burnoff there. cool in much of marin this summer. our roof cameras, showing the great conditions and san jose is still cloudy at this hour. talking 50s and 60s but we have
9:41 am
a good sea breeze around the delta. once you get the winds blowing well east of the bay, you know it will be a cool afternoon. 55 in san francisco and a cool 55 in novato. even the mist and drizzle, it's been measurable from southern marin down along the san mateo coast on and off delays there. we'll see the narrow range of temperatures and we'll see just a little bit of warming. it going to take the middle of the week and when we do see the temperatures come up, the marine layer will stay put. don't look for the sunshine at the coast. we'll keep numbers there in the 60s. at the bay, it's going take until about 11:00 because we still have that onshore push. really the atmosphere is quite moist and stable. upper level winds are light. we're looking for a wind shiost and ridge to build in the days ahead. for today, more widespread 60s
9:42 am
and 70s. even hard pressed to get out of the upper 60s. one low pressure to the east of us and one to the north and west of us. that is not the case. it won't be the case so we are waiting on the sunshine until the afternoon. as the result our numbers are held down. in fact in the central valley, it's been mild. fresno is at 96. a little sun around monterey and big sur later on this afternoon. comfortable there, 71, 81 los angeles. in the south bay, a little bit later on the burnoff for you, 75 in sunnyvale. 80 for los gatos and the peninsula, you are going to be waiting through the early afternoon for san mateo's high of 72 degrees. in fact 3:00 you'll reach the low 70s. san francisco 63 for you and partial clearing. 77 up in santa rosa with 74 in
9:43 am
san rafael. then we'll see the burnoff, oakland 69 and a little breezy around the bay. castro valley, comfortable day at 74 and low 80s. so the numbers, subtle changes from day to day. 82 in livermore and down by the monterey bay, afternoon should see sun in watsonville. still lots of kloe low clouds and fog and then by tuesday and wednesday, a little bit warmer. we should be in the low 90s inland and low 80s around the bay. still fog at the coast. giants' fans hope for a repeat of world series glory. another group of bay area ballplayers is also chasing a title. carolyn johnson explains they are hoping to win without the benefit of eyesight. >> this is a lasts minute batting practice for members of the west coast dogs.
9:44 am
one phrase you won't hear is keep your eye on the ball. they are one of the nation's beep baseball teams made up entirely of vision impaired players. long before you hear the crack of the bat you will hear the electronic beeper hidden in the ball. blind followed levels the eyes levels the field but playing it by ear can be a learning curve. >> it took me a bit to be comfortable for looking the ball and recognize where it is. >> they field the ball before it reaches the base and center fielder says there is plenty of action. >> sometimes people think of baseball as being a slower sport but with beep baseball, the ball
9:45 am
is put into play about 57 of the time. >> it is in many ways a game of timing, both for players and fans. you distract the defense from hearing the ball. >> people will scream when they are not supposed to. they will be told. >> dogs hard work has led to success and titles in the last beep ball world series. eric is an original team member. >> there has been two or flee dynasties in beep baseball and we are one. >> and now blind neoldz place they have sights set on another championship. >> don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> a loyal customer is banned from shopping at her favorite store. it can happen to you too.
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if you are wondering what it is like at the golden gate bridge, it is overcan cast. you can't see the towers the fog is so low and the cars have their lights on. chp does there. mist is coming down on our lens but it is going to be going away eventually today. many of us, regular
9:49 am
customers of certain businesses but is there such a thing as being too loyal. one man was banned from her favorite story and michael finney explains. >> one look at kim's closet tells you where she loves to shop. it's filled with trendy jeans and sweats brandwood the name. aber control i and fitch. she has treated other abercromby and fitth. >> her husband's clothes have the same, too. she spends thousand dollars a year at the upscale store. she received a slap in the face. it happened when she went on line when she tried to spend her gift card. they say they would not accept any more orders from her. she couldn't use her gift card. the reason they suspected she
9:50 am
was reselling clothes. the company says, reresell of merchandise is prohibited. >> as you can see i have the clothes on. i wear them to work. >> i feel attacked. they are accusing us of something we would never dream of doing. >> the company won't let her explain but pointed to the policy which says, any orders found to have characteristics of reselling will be cancelled. we reserve the right to cancel all subsequent orders. >> if they are buying multiples of one item they will be flagged. >> they are on guard against dhiafgt cost up to $300 billion each year but she says the company should have inquired. >> there is a difference between understanding why they would want to protect they're brand and feeling like they reacted is
9:51 am
understand is understandable but it's not. >> kim contacted 7 on your side and we called them. the company declined an interview. they told us we do have policies in place to protect our brands against customers that buy and resell products on websites or ship large quantities to other countries. these policies are triggered based on order history. however, after we got involved, they did listen to kim's side of things and agreed to let her order clothes once again and use that gift card. >> i've been waiting for them to have the 25% off. >> as long as she is happy, happy wife, happy life. >> this say kim was only banned from making online orders and she could have shopped at a store. if you feel that you are blocked from buying, they say contact customer service and feel contact me by going to
9:52 am
coming up next, a remake of the science fiction classic, don sanchez ask on the aisle of rise of the planet of the apes.
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9:54 am
here is the winning numbers from last night's super plus drawing. mega number was 7, nobody picked all six numbers correctly. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $11 million. >> latest version of the planet of the apes theaters is in the theaters this weekend. this is actually a prequel that was set in san francisco. don sanchez has his review on the aisle.
9:55 am
>> james franco plays a researcher using apes for testing. he hopes to it will help his father who has alzheimer's. he takes home a baby and he is smart. older he gets the more independent he becomes. when he perceives violence he reacts. after that he is put into detention. >> it's going to be okay. everything is going to be okay. >> you feel his pain. ethical treatment of animals gets a once over. in the early planet movies there were actors and makeup at apes. they are computer created and more emotional. this is really a reboot of the series set in contemporary san francisco. there is some dialogue that rings out for the first one, including a classic line.
9:56 am
>> caesar, smarter than the rest figures out how to start the revolution. the finale is golden gate bridge showdown. >> and those chimps they look too real and sometimes they look too phony. here is an alert. don't leave the theater when the credits begin because the film is not over. this is a thriller, maybe too intense for small children but the action is pretty much nonstop. you are right, i've gone ape over this film. i'll give it three-quarters of a bucket plus. today is the ninth annual jerry day in san francisco for the late grateful dead guitarist jerry garcia. they will celebrate his birthday today. it is celebrated at amphitheater
9:57 am
childhood home. he died in 1995 and he was the founding member of the grateful dead. >> going to be a nice day for jerry day i would think. >> jerry is out there and everybody else. temperatures on the cool side, fog is still over much of the bay. it's clearing around concord and livermore. you are going to have to wait throughout the afternoon. i don't think we'll see clearing at our beaches. 63 in san francisco and 65 in richmond with mid-80s in warmest inland valleys. when will it warm up? it's a subtle one mid-week 2-4 degrees. >> next newscast at 5:00. stay connected at have a great sunday.
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